Sony’s PlayStation 3 Exclusive Announcent August 4th

Well, I am sad to say that PlayStation Lifestyle announced that they are not realeasing the so called “Exclusive” information that they had about the game with the concept title “Hardware 2” Why does this not surprise me? Read below the blog that PlayStation Lifestyle posted regarding this big disappointment. I’m not mad atcha PlayStation Lifestyle, just disappointed.

As many of you know, our site announced an upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, Hardware 2. Initial information about this upcoming Incognito title was given as well. This was accompanied by the decision to hold off on showing screens until August 3rd.

Today is August 3rd and I’m sure a great many of you are looking for those screens. Those of you that frequent the site will know that we have undergone a change of policy and focus. We are no longer a site that specializes in insider information. This change was not done to spite the readers or to placate developers. This decision was made for the good of the industry. The industry is currently very secretive because of the intense competition between the 3 console manufacturers. Releasing inside information can have a devastating effect on a company because its competitors are better able to counteract any new features, games, or pricing changes based on the information. Our site does not want to be responsible for this type of occurrence.

We here at PSLS are sorry to disappoint all of you. We hope that you understand that once we receive permission to do so, we will release all screens that we have in our possession. We are still waiting for a response from the previous listed developers, as well as SCEE on the subject. Thank you for visiting us. We appreciate each and every one of you.

This is Chris Rah Osiris on behalf of PSLS, signing off.

I’m sorry everyone. The moment I hear anything about what is going to drop, I will be sure to keep you updated. It’s unfortunate that we all got excited, but hopefully whatever is being hid is awesome and worth the wait.

I’m still watching, waiting for the announcement


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