WoW Expansions, Once A Year?

{I thought it was funny.}

Jeffrey Kaplan stated to Kotaku recently in order to clarify comments made by COO Paul Sam:

That is our goal, and sometimes it gets taken in a weird direction,” he said. “Like you’re failing [if] you’re not releasing an expansion each year. It’s probably going to be a long time before we get to the point where we are releasing an expansion each year.

Kaplan told us that the developers who work on content and patches are the same team members who work on expansions. Those developers, he said, are “core to the quality of both the patches and expansions, and we aren’t going to sacrifice the quality of one or the other just to get an expansion out.”

Okay, so many people are in love with WoW and may find that one expansion a year is devestatingly high and dry, but can you honestly complete an expansion within a year? Well some people yeah, but a lot of us (unfortunately) must dedicate less time doing the things with love aka playing WoW. It will even itself out both for newcomers to the game and hardcore fans. Back to back expansions just isn’t a smart move for any game, in order bring in new prospects and keep the ones they have, Blizzard has to think about the overall good.


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