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The Best Mario Pic Ever – Tuesday is Random Awesome Artist Day!

*tear* This picture stirs up so many fond memories of my very first lover, Mario. I was just a wee sprout at the age of four years old when I unwrapped my first Mario game and although I wasn’t very coordinated at the time and spent a few hours mashing buttons until I understood.. I fell in deep love. I was certain that I would forever be with Mario, we played every day until my mom would yell at me to go to bed. The days that I was punished for doing some silly child-thing and could not play Mario, those were the days that I missed Mario so excruciatingly that I would cry myself to sleep. The bright colors of Mario and the occasional noises that he makes, the songs that play in each world or stage, I have them memorized and I will never forget anything.

This picture is the best picture I have seen all month. And I hope that the artist makes t-shirts out of this, or prints. I will definitely buy both and many because I have friends and family that would feel the same way about this picture. It is beautiful.

A link to the artists page, here.