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iPhone (iPod) App Thursday!

Thursdays will now be highlighting a iPhone(iPod) app that is worth the download! Today’s recommendation is Lose It!

Just in time for those who are planning a New Year’s Resolution for weight loss. This app is completely free and for that, you can’t beat it. Sure, there are other apps out there they make promise to help you lose weight for just 9.99, but this app allows you to manage your weight loss day by day as well as your overall goal. It also has calorie counts for most every food possible and shows you how many calories you have already consumed vs. what you can afford to consume for the rest of the day! Word to wise, be truthful about your calorie intake or this app won’t help you lose much weight.


Comic-Con Announces Dexter Game

Special guest Mark Ecko announced new details on Showtime’s hit thriller Dexter.. the game. Dexter will be released only on the iPhone and iPod Touch. (Which means yours truly will probably never get paws on it as I most likely will never own either of the two. )

What is so special about Dexter being available only on the iPhone and iPod Touch? Players will use gesture controls, text messaging, and phone calls to interact with the game. Awesome! Ecko didn’t reveal anything else or provide any footage.

I am a big fan of alternate reality games (ARG) and Dexter sounds somewhat to fit in that genre. Maybe I will find someone that has an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Hmm.