Demon’s Soul for the PS3

In a GameSpot interview Sammy Matsushima described Demon’s Soul as being a real time RPG that has no pause screen. You are the last surviving hero in a fantasy world created with an interactive environment. At the beginning of the game you can choose from one of 13 classes such as cleric, knight, or magician. The trailer looks amazing and the system seems very easy to pick up. Matsushima advised that an expierenced gamer may take 15-18 hours to complete the game while the average gamer may take up to 30 hours. The story flow seems reminiscent of Oblivion as you choose your own path but what is unique is that level up by using soul points to gain skills and equipment upgrades. The game is scheduled for release for October 6, 2009! There is talk of a special edition including a strategy guide that will not be available through any other method. So get in your pre-orders!


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