BlazBlue – Calamity Trigger

About three months ago I attended a local convention and stumbled across a fighting game that I had never heard of. Everyone around me was enthralled by Left 4 Dead, Halo 3, and Rock Band 2. In a dark corner of the room a lone gent was playing quite feverishly and I being the dork that I am must always see what is not popular at the moment because whatever is not popular at the moment is what truely deserves to be popular, in my opinion. 😉 I stumbled across BlazBlue and tonight was the first night that I have played it since three months ago. The game just released in the US and luckily I have my hands on the special edition that includes the soundtrack by artists Kotoko and Hironobu Kageyama. ( By the way, the soundtrack is awesome! )


The art work alone is impressive! There are very few fighting games that keep me entertained. BlazBlue, so far, has given me a wide variety of characters (a total of 12) to play with until I find one that captivates me enough to focus on. The game comes from Arc System Works, the same studio behind my all time favorite fighting game, Guilty Gear. Take a peek at the trailer below… and drool.  :)~


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