So Many Games, So Little Time and Street Fighter!

Hello out there. So, my life has been quite hectic and we all know that the economy isn’t great, but fortunately I have a solution and that solution is called Gamefly. For a $22 bucks I can keep two game as long as I need to, so guess who is back in the buisness of bringing you a straightforward opinion? Yes, that’d be me.

Street Fighter 4 came out not too long ago, as I am sure you all know. I have one word to say about ST4. FREAKIN’ SWEET! I was impressed by the art style that somehow nurished my craving for a comic-style gaming experience. The opening title song was not that great of a choice, but I suppose after a while it is catchy. It took me a record number of five attempts to beat Seth on the hard difficulty. When I first was sucked into his belly and spit out like a chewed sunflower seed I thought, “Awesome!” After the next three or four times I was annoyed by his ever glowing blue body and sought to seek and destroy. Seek meaning to find figure out the timing as the pace and timing in Street Fighter 4 took me a little bit to get used it, but once I found Seth’s pattern I was able to dominate him. It’s been some time now and I just unlocked the last trophy tonight on the PS3, but I am looking forward to getting my hands on the 360 version just for giggles. Obviously there will be no difference, but those gamerpoints are just so addicting..!


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