“Home is Not A Social Network”

SCEE’s Darren Cairns and Liam Wickham clarified PlayStation 3’s upcoming Home Network.

Cairns and Wickham said:

Home is not a social network – it’s focused on games. It’s a visual representation of the PlayStation community.”

The focus is that Home focuses on game launching capabilities, serving as party forming lobbies.

Through Lua scripting, developers can bring the game setup options – such as number of public player slots and choice of map / game rules – into Home itself.

Based on the selections, the Game Launch Object writes out XML files with session details and players. The console then resets and loads into the game (either stored on the HDD or on Blu-Ray), which reads the XML file and launches directly into the multiplayer game. Once play has finished, control can be yielded back to Home for post-match discussion.

Regarding the roll-out of the service, they mentioned that the closed beta would be expanding imminently and that open beta is still scheduled to roll out this year. The recently-added PSN trophies will be supported in player profiles, but the large-scale 3D trophies and trophy room demonstrated at Sony’s 2007 Game Developers Conference keynote.



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