PlayStation Network ID Linking

You can now link your PSN account to your PSU account!! This is exactly what the PlayStation 3 needs, more connectivity and community. Bungie has it, XBox 360 has it, so now the PlayStation can join in with the online community by linking the PS3 to! Below are a few F.A.Qs brought to you by

  • What if I don’t have a PLAYSTATION®Network ID?

    It’s not a problem; register your online ID today!

  • Why would I link my PLAYSTATION®Network IDs?

    Once you’ve linked your IDs, you’ll receive all these great features:

    • Identify yourself on the Web using your PLAYSTATION®Network portable ID
    • Display your PLAYSTATION®Network portable ID on social networking sites
    • Meet other PLAYSTATION®Network members
    • See who’s who on the PlayStation message boards
    • Keep tabs on your PLAYSTATION®Network friends on the Web with the Friend List
  • How do I link my PLAYSTATION®Network ID?

    To link a PLAYSTATION®Network ID, choose a destination according to your current membership:
    I have a PLAYSTATION®Network ID and want to link it.

    I need to get a PLAYSTATION®Network account.

  • Do I have to have a PlayStation® Underground™ account in order to proceed?

    Yes, you will need to have a PlayStation Underground account in order to access your PLAYSTATION®Network features on the Web.

  • What if I don’t have a PLAYSTATION®3?

    It’s not a problem; however, certain features of the PLAYSTATION®Network require a PLAYSTATION 3—specifically, choosing an Avatar, managing your Friend List and editing your “About Me” message are PLAYSTATION 3 specific.

  • What is my online ID?

    Your ID is your PLAYSTATION®Network name that you pick when you sign up.

    It’s visible on your portable ID, on all PlayStation message boards (including any social networking sites where you post your portable ID), and on your buddies’ Friend Lists (where others have you listed as their friend). It’s your identity everywhere you go within the PlayStation online universe—and in some cases, outside that universe as well. Anyone who sees your portable ID or visits a website where you’ve used your online ID will know you by that name, which is why it’s imperative you pick a good one! Remember, once your ID is set, you can’t change it.

For more, go here and learn all about linking your ID!


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