GameTrailer’s Best of Online Games has delivered their take on E3 and nominated certain games in several different categories. I would like to take a look at a few of these categories with you. The first one being Best of Online games. The nominees are.. *drum roll*…..

– Gear Of War 2 {Microsoft, XBox 360}

– Left 4 Dead {Valve, Multiplatform}

– Little Big Planet {SCEA, PlayStation 3}

– Resistance 2 {SCEA, PlayStation 3}

– Spore {Electronic Arts, PC}

And the winner was…

Resistance 2 {SCEA, PlayStation 3}

Do you agree? Eeeeh, I guess I kind of do. I mean, Resistance 2 is a hardcore game and everyone loves it. But for Online Games I kinda have to go with Little Big Planet. I mean c’mon. How many games can you create your own levels and even charge other people to play them?

What do you think?


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  1. Yea! I’m really really excited about LBP… good thing its to be released on oct 21 2008!

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