Nintendo Says, “These are not officially licensed products. “

There are some Wii Balance Boards out there that are way less than family friendly.

“These are not officially licensed products, we always recommend the use of official first or third party Nintendo products to ensure 100 per cent compatibility and reliability with our hardware. We always closely monitor new products entering the market to ensure that they do not infringe on any of our IP.”

Well, Nintendo, these products will probably help the Wii. As much as we try to deny it, the truth of the matter is sex sells. As much as I wish we could rely more on depth and quality, slap a half naked chick on something and more people look at it. So, while Nintendo products may ensure 100% compatibility, the unofficial half naked chick will probably win a lot of hearts.

Boards such as the one above can be purchased on Amazon for $20.



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