More Sony Exclusive Announcements.. August 3rd?

It seems every source I go to is quite confused on what is up and down with Sony’s “Exclusive” Announcements. As you may have read earlier PlayStation Lifestyle announced Hardware 2 and now they are announcing a major new PS3 Exclusive on August 3rd.

PSLS Announcing MAJOR new PS3 exclusive on 3 August. *Update*

Do you think Killzone 2 looks amazing , are you thrilled about the 256 online player mode of MAG , Looking forward to the great gameplay of inFamous , I’m very thrilled to announce that the 3 previous games are NOTHING compared with the new announcement coming on 3 August. On Saturday 26 July i will give you 2 hints. please check back on 3 August… for the announcement and again its a New “
Playstation 3 ” exclusive ” , Let the guessing and the waiting game begin ! (game will release late 2009)

PS: i would like to add that this has NOTHING to do with SE’s event on 2-3 August.

Next gen Twisted metal

Countdown: (could not add one on article itself, that host site has nothing to do with the exclusive information)


Afterlife has announced the game and given some details on the upcoming title. For more information follow the link below

New information about NEW PS3 exclusive

After clicking the link which was stated to be the one with more information, it sent me to a countdown timer. Come on, quit playing with us. What is going on!? Does anyone know?

Even Kotaku is skeptical.


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