Soul Calibur 4 Screen shots & Review by PLAY Magazine

In a review by Play Magazine, Play revealed that Darth Vader and Secret Apprentice are in Soul Calibur 4. They have also have confirmed that the rumors about Kratos being in the game being false. Play is also saying that Soul Calibur 4 looks better on the PS3 than it does the 360.

The animation has always been superb, but now the detail and solidity of the character models match it. Mitsurugi’s scars, Vader’s shiny armour, Taki’s… assets, they’ve all been crafted with such care and attention, each pixel has been given some sort of flair or purpose. On a decent 720p TV Soul Calibur IV is one of the best looking games on the PS3, and for once better looking than the 360 version, and is the ideal thing to put on when a mate pops round.

If you’ve had a favourite character in the past, then the alterations will be pretty easy to notice. It’s more of an overhaul than Soul Calibur III was over its predecessor, and it does genuinely feel new and fresh. And the stunning visuals don’t hurt either. Soul Calibur IV is absolutely gorgeous.

That last sentence makes me purr like a little kitten. Absolutely gorgeous is what I was hoping for! To read the full review and check out more screen shots, click the link below.



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