Sega’s US President Comments on E3

“E3 was a strange beast this year. We had an extremely strong product showing, had some great meetings, and got our messaging over pretty strongly – all at an event that had all the atmosphere of a large hospital corridor.”

Sega’s US President Simon Jeffrey commented about the atmosphere of E3 this year being like that of a “large hospital corrider”

He added: “We are big supporters of the ESA, and believe in an efficient need to communicate with the trade at all levels, but we’d like to see something that represents the fun, dynamic nature of the industry a little better without going back to the insanity that was E3 of old.”

Okay, all I have to say is, why did you change E3 then?! Everything was fine before. It may have been insanity, but it was what it should have been. A celebration! I wasn’t at E3, but the overall excitement of E3 was dull compared to years before. Come on, this is the video game industry, not a surgeon’s conference on how to effectively perform heart surgery.

Liven it up guys!


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