Playstation 3 Exclusive: Hardware 2

Highly talented developers Sony London Studios, Sony Liverpool, and Incognito Entertainment(makers of Warhawk) revealed a joint project which is currently being called Hardware 2. As some of you may have heard, Hardware: Online Arena is an online multiplayer game that focuses on vehicular destruction using varying means such as missiles, lasers and machine guns. However, the newly revealed Hardware 2 is a completely different game.

You will be able to customize your vehicle right down to the color, items, weapons and even more. You will be able to fight in Tanks and Jeeps, Bikes and Helicopters. You will be able to literally destroy everything that gets in your path. The damage will be unbelievable because everything is linked together, when you destroy a building it can crash onto another building and get damaged realistically.

You can look at it as the next gen Carmageddon meets Twisted metal.

There will be battles of up to 50 vs 50 and there will be plenty of game modes including 1 vs 99. This is unbelievable news for the PlayStation 3. There will be deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill, and fourteen other game modes that are currently being tested.

The online part will be very important and they are going to make sure that Clan support is included. You can have a clan emblem, create your own tournaments, and build up your reputation. The reputation is something special, some games encourage that you destroy buildings and kill innocent people, well Hardware 2 is different, you should avoid it… You will need to take the decision if your shot will be accurate enough or else you will kill 50 people, that’s what military is all about. The more ‘clean’ you play, the better your reputation will become.

This sounds like a game that I definitely will want to pick up. Release date anyone?




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  1. the first hardware online arena on the ps2 was fab and i belive it is still online today it is a awsome game

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