Grand Theft Auto on the Wii?

That’s right, the notorious Grand Theft Auto may be coming to the Wii. Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime states

“You know, a ‘GTA’ on the Wii is all based on what Rockstsar and Take Two want to do. And again, from our standpoint, if they build a bottoms-up game that takes advantage of what we do well, I’d love to see it on the platform.”

As announced at E3 2008, GTA Chinatown Wars will be coming to the Nintendo DS. Are we excited yet?! With Nintendo’s usual market directed towards casual gamers and family, will bringing GTA to Nintendo open up new possibilities for the company to expand on game genres, or will they lose fans from kid friendly homes that rely on Nintendo’s decently clean image to suffice their underage offspring’s desire for video games?

What do you think?


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